Animal Welfare Standards on Australian Chicken Farms

Take a look inside Australia’s chicken meat industry to learn more about how we bring Australia’s favourite meat to the table. Here, Humans of Agriculture chats to the RSPCA about their ‘RSCPA-Approved’ program which provides assurance to consumers that appropriate welfare standards have been achieved by chicken farmers.

The welfare of chickens is of critical importance to both chicken farmers and chicken processing companies. This is out of respect for the chickens themselves and out of respect for community expectations for the humane treatment of animals.

The viability of the Australian chicken meat industry depends on the implementation of good welfare practices every day, for every flock. Not only do farmers have an obligation to protect and respect the birds under their care, they also know that providing a high level of care for birds is what their customers want and the community expects, and it also contributes to productivity and a quality product. The livelihood of farmers therefore depends on them providing for good standards of animal welfare.

Did you know:

  1. Chicken has the lowest carbon footprint of any meat
  2. Australian chickens are not given hormones or steroids
  3. Meat chickens in Australia are never raised in cages
  4. More than 99 per cent of chicken meat consumed in Australia is grown in Australia
  5. Cooked chicken is an excellent source of protein, and source of key vitamins and minerals
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