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Did you know that chicken meat is now the most frequently consumed meat product in most Australian households? Research1 tells us that Australian consumers select chicken meat for its value, taste, nutrition and versatility. And it’s good to know that chicken has the lowest environmental footprint of any meat.

In 2020/21, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences estimates that Australians will eat their way through 46.4 kg of chicken meat on average each. This represents nearly half of all meat consumed.

Chicken is good for you

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and source of key vitamins and minerals. At the same time, lean stir-fried chicken breast is also low in fat – it is lower in both total fat and saturated fat than either stir-fried beef or lamb (see our Nutrition page for references).

Chicken is great value for money

Chicken breast is nearly half the price of other comparable meat cuts suitable for stir frying.

Whole chicken and chicken drumsticks are around 50 per cent cheaper protein sources compared to other budget options such as beef sausages and mince.

Chicken thighs are less than half the price of beef casserole cuts, and only a quarter of the price of a lamb casseroling cut.

(The above price comparisons are as of March 2021 Woolworths online)

Chicken is a family favourite

Chicken is extremely versatile and easy to cook with. There are plenty of ways to prepare and enjoy chicken meat, making it popular with the whole family. There is also a great range of pre-packaged and frozen options from supermarkets, convenience stores, greengrocers, butchers and speciality chicken retailers.

Chicken is a greener meat

It’s a fact that most commercial chicken meat production today is farmed intensively, but did you know that this helps to contribute to its very modest environmental impacts? In fact, chicken has the lowest environmental footprint of any meat.

[1]  Market insights for Australia’s chicken meat industry. Wendy J. Umberger and Lenka Malek, October 2020

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