Yes! You’ll find chicken for Australia Day

The chicken supply situation across Australia looks to be improving with quite a bit more chicken available on supermarket shelves this week, just in time for Australia Day celebrations.

ACMF Executive Director, Dr Vivien Kite says, “We are hopeful that the worst is behind us. At this stage we are planning to have enough chicken for consumers to celebrate Australia Day with their favourite meat.”

Industry is hopeful that it can start moving into recovery phase. However, the full range of products normally supplied will not yet be available for another week or so. Simpler, less labour-intensive products such as whole chickens will continue to be available. There are also still some issues on the distribution side that are beyond the control of chicken suppliers. We are not yet sure when these will be resolved.

Dr Kite says, “The Australian chicken meat industry is continuing to work really hard to meet the demand for the broad range of products that Australians are used to enjoying. In the meantime, we encourage consumers to get creative with the smaller range of products that might be available in their local store, and enjoy the taste and value that simpler products such as whole chickens provide. We look forward to bringing you a wider range of options in the coming weeks.”

Whole chicken can be used in a variety of ways on Australia Day including:

  • A traditional roast cooked in the oven or on a BBQ
  • Butterflied and marinated, then cooked in an oven or on a BBQ
  • Cooked ahead and made into sandwiches, a salad or rice paper rolls
  • DIY cut-up whole chicken at home. See for more tips.
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